Improved BL3 Hunt Rules v3.2

The Hunt is a competition where players race to collect all unique items in a Borderlands game starting from a new character.

Tracker Mod

Google Sheet (note: not fully functional in Excel)

Basic Rules

The hunt will run for exactly two weeks, aligned with the weekly vault card challenge reset.

Your entire run must be streamed live.

Players are ranked by progression first and character time second. If two players have the same progression, the one with less character time is ranked higher. If one player has 20h more character time, but managed to get a single extra item, they’re still ranked higher.

There are no playtime restrictions, play however much is comfortable.

You may not dashboard/read-only farm.

Arms Race frequently pauses your character timer. To unpause it, and fairly track your progress, you must take the following steps:

PC players can (and are recommended to) track their character time while in game using LiveSplit, which will reveal when the timer is incorrectly paused. As it’s inevitable that people will make mistakes, top times may have their Arms Race segments retimed.

You must play on the latest version of the game, with the latest hotfixes. The only mods you’re allowed to use are the Hunt Tracker linked at the top of the page (and the SDK supporting it), and DXVK or VKD3D.

You may not save/profile edit your characters during the competition. Exceptions may be made if you hardlock, and stream the entire process of recovering your save.

All characters you use must be created at level 1 during the competition. You may create multiple characters, both progression and playtime are combined between them all.

You may only use items you collect on your new characters during the competition. You may not use:

You must play on Normal difficulty.

There are a number of things that provide unfair advantages to those who’ve played before, or worse, to those who’ve save edited them to insane levels:

You may complete vault card daily/weekly challenges, and collect their xp and eridium rewards.

You may not pick up any of the rare spawn missions.

The Moxxtail, Pinata, and Badass viewer ECHOcast events must be disabled. You may leave the rare chest event and extraction event on.

You may not buy any items from Maurice’s Black Market.

You may not duplicate items.

You are allowed to switch between or disable Mayhem Levels at any point, and you may farm underleveled enemies with overleved (or mayhem-leveled) gear.

You may play in coop, as long as all players follow all the other rules. There must be no more than 3 levels between the highest and lowest level players in your party, to prevent powerleveling. This restriction still applies in Cooperation mode, an endgame build will naturally clear areas easier than a new player.


The list of required items has been completely overhauled, and is now automatically generated from game data. Use the sheet or the tracker mod to view it in it’s entirety.

You must collect all items which have a unique Item Balance, and meet one of the following criteria:

The point value of each item has also been completely overhauled. Each item’s value roughly corresponds to the effort required to get it.

To have proof of a drop, you must look at the item card and clip it. You may also grab the item and show it off in your inventory. You may use photo mode to grab items which are normally out of reach.

When using the tracker mod, a clip of it’s notification is sufficient. Note it triggers at the start of the item card appear animation, so it may appear to trigger without viewing the card when quickly flicking over items. However, in order for it to have triggered, you must still have gotten close enough for the card to start appearing.

When you get an item to drop from one of it’s listed dedicated sources, you may redeem that item. Getting an item to world drop off one of it’s dedicated sources (if you can tell the difference) counts the same as getting it through the dedicated drop. Items found in Arms Race do not need to be extracted to count, as long as they follow all other rules.

You start the run with one World Drop Token. Finishing the final campaign quests unlocks a certain amount of extra tokens. You may complete these quests multiple times by (re)starting TVHM or creating new characters, they’re worth more on subsequent completions than on the first.

Quest First Subsequent
Divine Retribution 2 20
All Bets Off 1 7
The Call of Gythian 1 7
Riding to Ruin 1 5
Locus of Rage 1 5
Mysteriouslier: Horror at Scryer’s Crypt 1 3

At any point, you may spend a World Drop Token to redeem an item from a world drop (or any source not listed as a dedicated source for it). This cannot be done retroactively, you must have the token available before finding the drop, and once a token’s been spent you can’t change your mind it and redeem it from a dedicated drop instead.

Items from the Eridian Fabricator, mail, slot machines, vendors (including Earl’s), the dedicated loot rooms, event rewards, and mission rewards all simply count as world drops, you need to use World Drop Tokens to redeem them. Items found in vendors do not need to be purchased to count.

Regardess of if you intend to redeem the items, you may not do any tricks that completely skip the work done to access a loot source. This is defined exhaustively as:

Anything not listed is ok - for example, in Arms Race you are allowed to photo mode exit clip to collect loot from chests without finishing their arenas.


You may not abuse Complex Root AoE Boosting. You may use a root without any AoE buffs, or AoE buffs on other guns (even ones which double dip), just not both at the same time.

You may not Emote Cancel the Pestilence, Multitap, and Gargoyle reloads. You may Emote Cancel in any other situation.

You may not use the infinite Re-Volter or Toboggan duration glitches.

You may not use the projected shield or Beskar “invulnerability” glitches.

You may not abuse infinite Phalanx Doctrine or MNTIS Action skill active stacking. Accidentally getting an extra stack is ok as long as you SQ once you notice.

You may not Car Warp.

You may not Skill Point Dupe.

You may not use Dakka Bear to charge crystals in guardian takedown, or to skip Scourge’s teleport phases.

Anything not listed above is allowed.

You are allowed to swap reload.

You are allowed to go out of bounds, anywhere.

You are allowed to Rocket or Grenade Jump.

You are allowed to action skill cancel.

You are allowed to respawn enemies by hitting certain triggers or dying/fast traveling. Known examples include (non-exhaustive):

You are allowed to stack melee elements to dupe eridium.

You are allowed to stack elemental resistances and an adaptive shield to get elemental immunity.

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